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Funding Well Capital: Gold-Standard Financing for All Industries

Recently, we have provided quite a bit about our jaw-dropping medical equipment program, with 3.99% APR inclusive of deferred payments for six months over a 60-month term. FWC is very excited to provide our medical partners with the opportunity to take advantage of low rates, but you might think, “Hey, that’s great, but I’m not a doctor!”

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Lowest Rates and Much More: Our Philosophy Put in Action

In our industry, the first question we’re often asked is “What’s the lowest rate?” While it’s incredibly rare for us not to offer the lowest rate, the beautiful thing about partnering with us is the intrinsic value you’ll also receive through our top-notch customer service and our clear terms.

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Interest Rates Standing Pat (For Now!)

Chair of the United States Federal Reserve System (and replacement for Ben Bernanke) Janet Yellen expressed feelings of optimism in discussing the health of our country’s economy. Yellen’s opinion came as she testified in front of Congress Wednesday morning, leaving some experts surprised of no announcement to raise interest rates during her testimony.

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The Funding Well Capital Success Formula

Funding Well Capital, your #1 business financing source. We specialize in creating innovative and cost-effective solutions across a number of industries. Our dedicated finance professionals are some of the most in-demand experts from around the country. But what separates us from the competition? Here are three main components.

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A Basic Guide to FMV Leases

Funding Well Capital has assisted a vast number of clients with financing programs allowing them to start or grow their businesses. Many of our customized plans involve different financing options because different scenarios call for different lease types. Fair Market Value (FMV) leases are one of the many types of leases and financing options offered at Funding Well Capital.

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Great Investments for Your Business in 2016

Are you like many other businesses looking to start 2016 off with a bang? Part of that plan probably involves making your business more profitable while keeping your employees spirits up, all while growing.
Funding Well Capital is your number one business finance source, and we know that the New Year is a great time to begin resolutions for your business. Some of the most important investments you can make are in people, software and equipment.

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Fed To Raise Interest Rates

We’ve posted many times to take advantage of historically low interest rates before it’s too late. And now that time has come to fruition, as The Federal Reserve finally raised interest rates from a range of 0% to 0.25% to a range of .25% to .5%.

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"I don’t try to jump over 7-foot hurdles: I look for 1-foot hurdles that I can step over."
~ Warren Buffet ~
Chairman & CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

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