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Helping upgrade your office to LED lighting is an easy way to save your business money by lessening your electricity intake. Many older offices and buildings are outfitted with antiquated technologies, and one of the first steps you can take is to change your lighting. The problem, as with many upgrades in technology and equipment, is that it can cost a good deal of money to install.

That’s why Funding Well Capital offers customized programs designed to help your office finance its lighting upgrades. We require little to zero out of pocket money to get your project started. We provide low-interest rates and have helped many companies just like yours finance energy-efficient initiatives.

Benefits of LED Lighting
— Energy Star – Rated LED Lighting are up to 75% more efficient than old-fashioned light bulbs.
— LED Light bulbs has a life of over 25,000 hours.
— Incandescent bulbs emit 90% of their energy as heat, making them more dangerous.
— LED Lights are versatile in many applications. They are compact in size, durable, and can focus their light in one direction.
— LED lights are mercury free and have a much less environmental impact than their incandescent counterparts.
— With the ever-evolving nature of technology, LED lights will only improve in their usefulness.
— In many instances, LED lights are cheaper to purchase.
— It’s estimated in the next two decades that LED lighting will save the country $250 Billion in energy costs.

Common Green Incentives for Ordinary Businesses

Energy-efficient Commercial Business Deduction
An Energy-efficient commercial business deduction (Section 179D) allows a company to write-off up to $1.80 per square footage in buildings where they install interior lighting, efficient HVAC or hot water systems. Also, the same deduction is available if a business builds envelope property that reduces power use to 50 percent compared to a reference building. Also available are lesser reductions, which in some instances can be deducted up to $0.60 per square foot. This provision is not available for buildings placed in service after 2013. Certification is required otherwise.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
Outlined in Section 48, the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit provides taxpayers a 10 percent or 30 percent credit for alternative energy property designed to generate power for the taxpayer’s own use. Businesses are allowed to apply to the IRS to use this credit as a grant, which can benefit businesses regardless of their tax situation. Included in this benefit are fuel cell properties, solar properties, wind turbine properties, geothermal production equipment, and more.

At Funding Well Capital, we appreciate companies upgrading their equipment to lessen their effect on the environment. Our staff is ready to answer the call as soon as you decide the time is right to go green!

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