“More than 80% of US companies leverage financing and leasing to acquire their equipment and software.”

Having the latest technology is vital for companies to meet the needs of their valued clients while also staying ahead of competition.  Our commercial financing programs allow businesses to acquire equipment today, while saving cash for other business needs.  With low, predictable payments for up to 5 years, we can tailor fit a payment plan to fit any size budget. 

Our Total Solution Financing allows your company to bundle the entire solution including hardware, software, maintenance, and professional services into a low monthly payment.  Bundling allows you to lower upfront costs, and ensure your solution isn’t leaving out any vital components. 

Financing Program Highlights:

Rates and Terms

  • Industry’s lowest rates
  • 12 – 60 month terms
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual payment options
  • $1 buyout, FMV, and EFA contracts available
  • Financing from $10,000 up to several million dollars
  • Bundle equipment, software, maintenance, and professional services into one low monthly payment

Credit Guidelines

  • One-Page credit application up to $250,000
  • Corp Only available (No Personal Guarantees)
  • Additional financial information may be required for larger transactions

Additional Items

  • 100% software only financing
  • New and used equipment
  • Potential Tax benefits

Software Only Financing

Software can make up a large component of an IT managers infrastructure and budget.  Our experts understand the value of software, and we work with our clients to provide flexible monthly and annual payment options to fit any size budget.  Have a software only transaction?  Call us today (480) 292-8244.

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